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Finding the right photographer for your Wedding Day is as important as finding the right gown, the right tuxedo or even the perfect venue… Our goal is to capture the beauty of your wedding day…we strive to capture that romantic atmosphere during the vows and that great joy of you express during your wedding reception. We promise that every time you skim through your wedding photographs yearning to reminisce about your special day, that day when you felt that all eyes were on you, that day you wish it would never end… we promise that you will have those moments captured forever.

Getting Ready / Ft. Lauderdale Wedding Photographers

Getting ready wedding photographers Ft. Lauderdale

When you decide to allow us to be a part of your wedding preparation, the collection of your wedding photos will earn additional value. We will photo document all these hours of preparations starting from bride hairdresser visit, makeup artist and ending with the bride & groom first meeting. We feel it is very essential to have a memento of all the emotions you felt leading up to that most important moment when you say I do…

Wedding Ceremony /Deerfield Beach Wedding Photography

Photographing the wedding ceremony is the most important thing to the photographer. During the marital oath we all can witness the most beautiful and touching emotional moments. Those appealing emotions can be especially seen on bride and groom faces but also on their parents' faces and close friends. One of the most beautiful photos are the ones from the church.

Wedding Reception /Boca Raton Wedding Photography

Photographing the wedding reception is pure pleasure for a photographer. Add together all the dancing; laughing even some crying… mix in all the beautiful colors and decorations giving us endless possibilities for amazing pictures. My goal is to freeze all that emotions in the frame, so every time when you take the photographs into your hand - all the emotions of that day will come back to you.

Outdoor Photo Session /South Florida Wedding Photographer

Outdoor wedding photo session south Florida Photographer

Outdoor session, most of the time shot on the wedding day, some times even after the wedding. In Europe having the photo shoot after the wedding day has one main advantage - less stress. Photographs from the outdoor session are one of the bride and grooms most favorites. The possibilities are endless because you get to choose the location, which might be a park with colorful fall backgrounds, or the beautifully located beach. The list of locations is only limited by imagination of photographer and the couple. Usually I propose some of the best location in the vicinity but the couples has the last word and make the final decision. It could be a classic or humorous photo session - it all depends on you! Just ask…